Rob Mancini leaves Portuguese Band “Scar For Life”

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”, Heraclitus wrote….What was the rule back then is still a rule today.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce my departure from the band “Scar For Life”.

With social media in mind and all the dramas around it, I’d love to tell you that we fell out, fought, killed each other over musical or lyrical content, but there is no such thing like that.

I had a great, if not the best time ever, performing with some guys that I now can call not just band mates, but some real close friends

I am at a point where I am booked up in 2016 and half way through 2017 and I feel I can’t be 100% in Scar For Life or contribute the way the band deserves to be treated, so the logical decision is to leave the band. Working with Alex was more than a pleasure.

I worked with a colleague and met a true friend – I wish the band and everyone in it all the best, god speed and may we meet on the road some day again….